Our Mission

The purpose of the Sawtooth Rangers Riding Club is to operate without profit in the promotion of horsemanship in the community by helping 4-H clubs, Rodeo oriented groups, Riding Clinicians and other activities related to Horsemanship.

Our Board

President: Teresa (Tree) Bosch
Vice President: Kay Malone @ 208-316-1836
Treasurer: Julie Flolo @ 208-720-8003
Secretary: Cara Malone @ 208-316-1836

Former President: Casey Mcgehee @ 208-721-3500

General Board Members

Cheryl Bennett
Bill Ratliffe
Jack Flolo
Jake Thacker

Exemplary Service

Over the years, more than 70 now, the Sawtooth Rangers Riding Club has been an integral part of our community. We could not have made the impact we have without the dedication of the following individuals.

Rupert House
Julie Flolo
Ted Uhrig
Bob Barns
Laddie Dale
John Adams
Conny Elway
Arlan Kendrick
Ed Sticker

Bill Sherbine
Jim Walker
Pete Vandermuelen
Ray & Carol Adams
Allen & Mardene Weston
Maryann Knight
Bill, Vivian & Michelle Bobbitt
Bud & Madelyn Amend
Bill Flarity (Stick)

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Organizations We Support

Youth Scholarships

The Sawtooth Rangers Riding Club also supports youth in their horsemanship endeavors. We feel that providing resources and scholarships help in the development of the future of responsible horsemen and women. To learn more about our scholarship programs please contact us at info@sawtoothrangers.com.

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