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Exemplary Service Honors

Rodeo Ticket from 1947

Ticket from the First rodeo in 1947 - Courtesy Mk Claycomb

Hitting the Trail


Running Barrels

Mutton Bustin’

Our Local Favorite Sport

Bronc Riding

Hard Work Pays Off

Becoming Rodeo Royalty is a Result of Hard Work and Dedication

Video — Days of the Old West Rodeo

Hard Work Pays Off

Bull Riding


Incredible Views from the Trail

Saying Goodbye to the Old Grounds

A great look at the late 80's

Sawtooth Rangers Royalty

Riding in the Mountains

Just Ride

Our Ambassadors

Lovin’ the View

Way back When

The Higher You Get

Pioneer Cabin

Slide me Some Skin!

A Super Ride

Mountain Riding

Such a Sad Face

Thrill of the Crowd

Pee Wee Queen in 2017 & 2018

Video — Days of the Old West Rodeo

On the Hunt

Back in the day —1987

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