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2020 Rodeo Royalty

By July 13, 2020October 13th, 2020Press & News, Rodeo, Royalty
A Royal Welcome

From smiles to tears

It was an emotional day for the Sawtooth Rangers Days of the Old West Rodeo Ambassadors Cara Malone and Megan Taber as they handed down their titles today. Congratulations to our new Ambassadors Madison, Elizabeth and Dana I know they will represent as well as our past ambassadors have!
We are definitely missing our rodeo this year, but it was fun to get out to the parade and see such a great turnout of friends and neighbors celebrating the 4th!!


Passing on the crown.

Even though there won’t be a Days of the Old West Rodeo this year doesn’t mean that the work of the Sawtooth Rangers stops when it comes to the efforts in carrying on a tradition. The new saddles are in and selection of our new ambassadors has been made. We’ll find out who those young ladies are on the 4th of July.
Thank you all for your hard work, contestants and our Ambassador Coordinators Kay Malone and Julie Flolo.

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